For Idleness

A lawyer and an engineer quit their day jobs and buy one way tickets to Europe. Let's see what happens next!

For Love and Idleness

Sing we for love and idleness, Naught else is worth the having.
- Ezra Pound

Independence Day 2014, Virginia

In 4 days we leave for the first leg of our next adventure. Pound's words are ringing in my mind's ear - a background to the ricochet noise of the million things to do before we leave.

Neither of us has ever been much good at idleness. I have been lifelong afflicted by this need to fill my time with as much as possible. There has been so little quiet - even my meditations are hurried, timed, truncated.

My health problems in 2012 and 2013 forced me to sit, be still, be quiet, and live inward. I thought it would make me a different person. I thought it would teach me patience. In some ways, it did. It made me write again, and reclaim the joys of that exercise.

Once I started to heal, the need to move, to fill my time, to hustle, all rushed back in like tide into pools that had been formed by years of pattern. I was back to my old self, only slightly changed.

And now, this is next: twenty-five days in a town full of strangers, whose language I do not know. One city. No whirlwind get-it-all-done agenda. No job. No paycheck. No phone. Stillness for the sake of being still. All for love and idleness.

words by Kara

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